FIXTURES 2019/2020


Date Day Event Format Comment
06/04/2019 Sat Cox Medal Medal
08/04/2019 Mon Boomboolah Trophy Rd 1 Stableford
13/04/2019 Sat Harrison Spring Quaich Medal
15/04/2019 Mon Captain vs Vice Captain Match Play
20/04/2019 Sat Whyte & Mackay Medal
22/04/2019 Mon Jean Craw Memorial Trophy Medal
26/04/2019 Fri Spring Outing Stableford Dunbar
27/04/2019 Sat Boomboolah Trophy Rd 2 Stableford
04/05/2019 Sat Cox Medal Medal
06/05/2019 Mon Andrew Baptie Trophy Medal
11/05/2019 Sat Scratch Trophy 1st Round Medal
13/05/2019 Mon Scratch Trophy 2st Round Medal
18/05/2019 Sat Dispatch Trophy
20/05/2019 Mon Harrison Memorial Trophy Medal
21/05/2019 Tues Dispatch Trophy
23/05/2019 Thurs Dispatch Trophy
25/05/2019 Sat Dispatch Trophy (Finals Day) Medal
27/05/2019 Mon Summer Medal Medal
01/06/2019 Sat Team Match (TBC) Matchplay
03/06/2019 Mon Boomboolah Trophy Rd 3 Stableford
08/06/2019 Sat Club Championship Qualifying Round Strokeplay A’ Players must nominate 2 rounds from 4 available dates. ‘B’ players nominate 1. Lowest combined net score will win the Simpson Trophy.
10/06/2019 Mon Club Championship Qualifying Round Strokeplay
15/06/2019 Sat Club Championship Qualifying Round Strokeplay
17/06/2019 Mon Club Championship Qualifying Round Strokeplay
18/06/2019 Tues Club Championship Quarter Final Matchplay
20/06/2019 Thurs Club Championship Semi Final Matchplay
22/06/2019 Sat Club Championship Final Matchplay
24/06/2019 Mon Summer Medal Medal
29/06/2019 Sat Boomboolah Trophy Rd 4 Stableford
01/07/2019 Mon Centenary Trophy Medal
06/07/2019 Sat BHA Championship Medal
08/07/2019 Mon Millenium Medal Medal
13/07/2019 Sat Cox Medal Medal
15/07/2019 Mon President’s Trophy Rd 1 Medal Best 2 net aggregrate scores
20/07/2019 Sat Social day Medal More news to follow
22/07/2019 Mon President’s Trophy Rd 2 Medal Best 2 net aggregrate scores
27/07/2019 Sat Bulmer Kelly Medal
29/07/2019 Mon Summer Medal Medal
03/08/2019 Sat Cox Medal Medal
05/08/2019 Mon Boomboolah Trophy Rd 5 Stableford
10/08/2019 Sat
12/08/2019 Mon
17/08/2019 Sat Harrison Open Medal Maximum handicap 24
19/08/2019 Mon
24/08/2019 Sat Boomboolah Trophy Rd 6 Stableford
26/08/2019 Mon Summer Medal Medal
31/08/2019 Sat Volkswagen Trophy 2 Man Stableford
02/09/2019 Mon Summer Medal Medal
07/09/2019 Sat Laidlaw Silloth 2 Man Silloth International Football Break
14/09/2019 Sat Cox Medal Medal
21/09/2019 Sat Harrison Autumn Quaich Medal
28/09/2019 Sat Bogey Competition Bogey
05/10/2019 Sat Course Closed Gibson Ladies
12/10/2019 Sat Ladies Cup Medal 3 Man Team
19/10/2019 Sat Dewar Medal Medal
26/10/2019 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
02/11/2019 Sat Rollers Cup / Dewar Medal Medal
09/11/2019 Sat
16/11/2019 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
07/12/2019 Sat Dewar Medal Medal
21/12/2019 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
01/01/2020 Wed New Years Day 9 Hole Stableford
04/01/2020 Sat Dewar Medal Medal
11/01/2020 Sat
18/01/2020 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
25/01/2020 Sat
01/02/2020 Sat Dewar Medal Medal
08/02/2020 Sat
15/02/2020 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
22/02/2020 Sat
29/02/2020 Sat
07/03/2020 Sat BHA Winter Shield Scratch and Handicap Team Event
14/03/2020 Sat Dewar Medal Medal
21/03/2020 Sat Notman/Ackroyd Stableford
28/03/2020 Sat Hugh Hardie Shield Pairs Stableford

Club Championship

– ‘A’ Section players’ will require to nominate 2 specific Club Championship qualifying rounds from the 4 dates shown whilst B Section players’ will only require the nomination of 1 specific qualifying round.

– ‘B’ Section players will also require to nominate a 2nd Club Championship qualifying round in order to submit two scores for entry into the McIntosh Tankard & Simpson Trophy.

– All players must nominate their qualifying rounds prior to teeing off.


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